Part 14. Lucy. (v) The Toy.


During subsequent meetings and chats with Jill, it was revealed that Lucy had never used any type of sexual aid. Given how they had talked and played, what Jill did next wasn’t a surprise.

She left telling us she would be back in 15 minutes. Paul was working so wasn’t around. She left and Lucy and I talked. She told me that Jill had gone to get a vibrator for her. Apparently she had a few so wouldn’t miss one.

Sure enough, 15 minutes later, Jill returned and pulled the vibrator from her handbag. Slim, ribbed and about 6 inches long. It wasn’t a big one but I was sure the vibration would add something, that the size lacked, to give her something different.

There were fresh batteries in it so the two ladies talked and played a little. Teasing each other with the vibration on the nipples but staying clothed the whole time. I then watched as it was rubbed on Lucy’s inner thigh. You could see the excitement from that. The feeling was obviously working it’s way upward.

That evening, after Lucy and I had eaten, she decided a relaxing bath was what she fancied. She picked out some music, R & B is her favourite, and ran the bath. I gathered about 8 tea lights when she was in the bedroom getting undressed and set them around the bath. I made sure that with the light off she could still see and that it looked cosy for her.

I left her to it and watched some TV. After about an hour, she emerged. Just wrapped in a towel, her skin reddened from the heat of the water.

“I’m going to try out that toy”

There was a cheeky smile on her face and I felt an immediate movement in the jeans I was wearing.

20 minutes later she called for me. She lay on the bed, legs apart with her hands above her head. The toy was halfway in her pussy which was obviously wet.

“How was it?”

“Amazing. I made myself cum twice. I want you to use it on me now.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I reached down and flicked the switch to ‘on’. Gently, I moved it in amd out. Her moans combined with the slight movements of her body were beautiful to hear and watch. I made faster movements. Using the whole length inside her. Holding it there as the vibration pulsed through her.

Without warning I took it out and placed it directly onto her clit. A sudden gasp and jerk said it was unexpected. I did nothing else. Just left it there. Watching her body squirm and writhe. She came within a couple of minutes and there was no way she was going to let me keep it there.

I was hard. So hard. I threw the toy to one side and entered her. This wasn’t going to take long. We had discovered something new and I was going to explode. I rammed into her repeatedly. Like an animal. Her naked body and her soaking pussy felt great.

At the point I was about to cum I pulled out and told her to sit up. She knew where this was going. Straight over her face. She opened her mouth and caught what she could. The rest landed on her cheeks and chin.

When I finshed she looked at me and smiled. Then with her fingers she wiped it off her face and licked them clean. She knew how to turn me on and what I liked to see.

That toy, and other’s would get used a lot in future. This was just the start.


Part 13. Lucy. (iv) Girl on Girl.


I like sport, watching and playing, so had a cricket match I was involved in one weekend. Although she didn’t like cricket, Lucy’s support for my interests was unwavering. It was also her birthday and we had plans for the evening. A meal out and then drinks, at the pub and then at home later. We had been living together for a month by this point.

During the game I looked in her direction and could see her chatting to another female. I had no idea who it was but I was glad she wasn’t bored by herself.

The match finished, with a win for us, and I walked over towards her and the other lady. As I got closer to them I realised that my mate, Paul, was heading the same way. It turned out that the other woman was his wife, Jill, who I had never met before.

We decided that we would meet up later and celebrate the day together. I rang the restaurant and booked a couple of extra spaces.

The meal was lovely and the drink was flowing freely. Lucy and Jill got on so well. It was as if they had known for so long, so natural. Rather than head to a pub we decided we would go home and carry on the party there. Malibu and Bacardi were the order of the day. There was plenty being drunk so the fact the conversation worked around to sex isn’t a surprise.

The girls said they were going to do a little show, a dance, for Paul and I. Jill, like Lucy, was a beautiful woman. Slim, long hair but with blonde, not brunette hair. The contrast was a great match. They went into the bedroom to practice and work out what they were going to do. After 10 minutes of talking with Paul he said,

“Guarantee Jill is kissing Lucy. That’s what she does.”

“She’s done this before?”

“Yes. She loves women.”

We both got up and headed towards the bedroom. The door was ajar and we could see inside. They were sat on the bed, only in underwear, hands all over each other, kissing passionately. It was hot. Such a turn on to see my beautiful girlfriend enjoying the company of another women.

We went back to the front room and 5 minutes later they returned. In just panties and thin tops they looked so sexy. They put a slow song on and started a seductive dance together. Little touches, kisses and rubbing against each other.

It wasn’t long before Jill’s hand rubbed fully across Lucy’s breast. She wouldn’t would she? She did! Her hand went inside the flimsy garment. Then slowly released it. Lucy’s pert little tit was out. Fuck, it immediately raised the excitement in me and Paul.

“They are the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.” is what Jill said.

With that she leaned down and kissed it. Loving, soft kisses around almost every inch then took the nipple in her mouth. Lucy put her hands on the back of Jill’s head and pulled her in tighter. At this moment I don’t think they would have noticed if their respective partners had left the room. They were there together.

Jill’s left hand then went down the side of Lucy’s body. To the panties. There was hardly any hesitation. Her hand went inside. No stopping her by Lucy. She was completely up for this. Gentle teasing of her pussy while she had her breasts sucked. All the time the music kept playing and they kept moving.

The kissing started between them. The passion was amazing. Each of them flicking tongues into the other’s mouth. Their hands exploring the body of the other. Both sets of breasts were out and the mutual playing was a sight to behold.

After about 15 minutes they retired to the bedroom again for a little while. When they returned the panties were different and there wasn’t a top being worn. Two sexy women playing with each other. Any man’s dream. This went on for a couple of hours. Lots of alcohol being drunk and the conversation getting more raunchy.

Paul and I considered the idea of swapping partners but it never happened. Lucy told me that the only reason it didn’t was that she didn’t find him attractive. The same couldn’t be said for Jill and I, but nothing happened. One of those unfulfilled fantasies we have from time to time.

Jill had a part to play in the next stage of Lucy and my relationship but not in the same way.

Lucy was never with another woman when we were together. We talked about it again but, as time progressed it never materialised.

We lost touch with Jill and Paul a couple of years later after they moved to Australia. Good memories though.

Part 12. Lucy. (iii) The walk home.


After one night in the pub, as usual I walked Lucy home. I could have rung a taxi for her but it was always more personal and more gentlemanly to walk I thought. Even though it had been raining that evening a walk still seemed like a way of spending a bit more time with her so, with a large umbrella in my hand and her in the other, we set off.

Part of the walk took us passed a cemetery. High iron fences and a gate bordered the road. Just inside the gate was a small stone building. Just to the right of the iron fence was a wall that was only around 3 feet high. The urge got me.

“Come on. In there.”

She looked at me with surprise, uncertainty and a touch of excitement. I helped her on to the wall and she was in amongst the headstones. I jumped up and over in one bound. We were in the dark and all alone. Taking her hand I led her to the stone building, one part of it completely hidden from view by any passers-by, although it was gone midnight.

I pushed her back against the wall and kissed her. Each moment that passed the more passionate it got. Before long my hand was at her trousers, undoing the button and the zip. Gently pushing down, I rubbed her through her lace panties. Her moans and the movement of her body showed how turned on she was. Her hands on the the back of my head as we kissed pulled me onto her lips more and more as the urge grew in her.

The trousers fell to her ankles and she undid my belt. Her hand inside my boxers, the gentle movement up and down my cock. I was throbbing and she could feel it. I turned her around so she faced the building. Her hands against the stonework I pulled her arse towards me. Crouching down I pushed my face into her. Tasting her. My tongue working furiously.

After a few minutes I stood up and something came over me. I’m not sure what possessed me, even to this day, but it’s something I will never forget. The umbrella stood against the wall, the ribbed handle looking like a perfect tool to use.

I took it in my hand and moved it towards her. There was no hesitation and no pulling away from her. I pushed it in slowly and she moved herself towards it. I couldn’t believe we were doing this. We had never used anything other than each other before and now my umbrella had become a sex toy.

I turned it with every push, the ribs giving her an extra sensation. She was so excited. I could hear the dampness between her legs. The sounds of her growing lust.

The umbrella went back to the wall, my trousers and boxers down to my knees. I moved forward and grabbed her hips. Pushing my hard cock towards her I moved in inch by inch. Then with a final hard push, I was all the way in. The hard thrusting movements. The sound of skin on skin slapping every time I forced myself into her. Her hands were still on the building, which she used to push back onto me. Timing each other’s movements perfectly.

The closer I got to climax the more frenetic the push. Before long I was at the point where I was going to explode inside her. She could feel it. My hands gripped her hips more tightly and she responded by pushing back harder and faster, willing me on.

As soon as I had cum, she turned around and kissed me. There was more passion in that kiss, that moment, than I had ever felt before. Both of us, in the dark cemetery, trousers around our ankles kissing, loving.

The rest of the walk home, unsurprisingly, was uneventful. The next day was the first time we confessed how much we loved each other. The only woman I had truly loved was with me now. We couldn’t be happier. I had found my soulmate.

Part 11. Lucy. (ii) The first time.


Over the next 3 weeks we saw each other every day. I couldn’t get enough of her.

On the second night we had sex for the first time. It was nothing spectacular but it felt great all the same. She had the most amazing body. Very slim. Lovely hips. Perfect little tits. Probably the best I have ever seen, even to this day.

We laid in bed after we walked home from the pub. Both of us wearing underwear, not sure of what was about to happen. We cuddled up and it wasn’t long before my hands started to wander. Gently stroking her from her thighs up to her shoulder. Kissing her neck and cheek as I did.

She could feel my arousal and pushed against me. We were naked very soon. Running my hands across her beautiful breasts I felt her stiff nipples. Everything about her felt so right. I couldn’t fault anything about her.

I moved down and ran my tongue across each one in turn. Her hands on my head, encouraging me to carry on. Kissing her on every part of those amazing tits. I moved my head down slowly. Planting little kisses on her stomach as I did. Moving almost an inch at a time. Left. Right. Up. Down. No order just as I wanted to at the time. If I didn’t know where the next kiss was going neither would she.

The further down I went, the more her legs gently parted. Willing me on. I looked up to see her gently stroking her breasts. The lightest of touches brushing her nipples. Her soft skin felt beautiful on my lips. I worked my way down.

I pushed her legs apart slightly and looked up at her. She looked at me, still rubbing her tits. Eyes locked, I moved the couple of inches needed to taste her. My tongue, gently at first, touching her. Her head went back and the lick became more deliberate. Tracing every part of her but never venturing inside. She kept moving down, closer to my mouth but I wouldn’t let her rush me. Still I kept her waiting.
To her relief, after a few moments, I plunged my tongue into her. The gasp was one of shock. As if I had jumped out on her as she rounded a corner. The taste was so good. I pushed her legs even further apart, going in as deep as I could.

I lifted my head and started to move up her body. Fingers taking the place of my tongue and pushing them inside her as we kissed. This was the first time she had ever tasted herself on a man’s lips and she loved it. So eager to lick every last taste that lingered.

I had to fuck her. Moving my hand I placed them either side of her and gazed down at her. Our eyes totally focused on each other. The only movement was the alignment of our hips waiting for the first penetrative stroke. I could feel where I needed to be and with a little push my head went inside. Little by little my whole length was in her. There was no rushing, no domination, no hard and fast strokes. This was two people enjoying the first moments of intercourse we would share for a few years.

When we were done, we laid there. Cuddling. Kissing. Not saying a word. So peaceful. Like nothing I had ever had before.

We dozed off and I woke after about an hour. I had to leave for work early so couldn’t stay there. I whispered to her that I was going and told her I would pick her up tomorrow evening. We kissed, smiled and I left.

The first of many times we would have sex. We didn’t know it but it would improve so much over time.

Part 10. Lucy. My first sub.


I met Lucy one night whilst at my local pub. I was playing pool against a guy who I didn’t recognise. He was with three girls and we were getting on well.

Part way through the evening he said that his sister had taken an instant liking to me and gestured in the direction of the three females. I looked across with a little apprehension. Only one was what I considered attractive and my next question to him was done nervously.

“Which one’s your sister?”

He said two of them were his sisters but the one on the left was the one that liked me. It was the attractive one.

“Yeah, ok. A woman that looks like that isn’t going to be interested in me.”

I was a regular there but had never seen her before. Believe me, I would have noticed. So beautiful. Long light brown hair, slim, small and she appeared to be shy. He tried to convince me it was true but the rest of the evening past without me saying anything to her except as she left. Just two words.

“Bye Lucy.”

She looked back and said goodbye. I had no idea where this would lead. It may have been that I would never see her again.

I was away for the next two weeks with work and went straight back to the pub the first night of my return. The landlady, Kim, poured my first pint and gave me a slip of paper with my change. On this paper was written a name and number. It was Lucy’s.

Kim told me that two days after I had last been in there, a man (it turned out to be Ray, Lucy’s brother) had come in and asked if I would be in. Kim said I was away working. He wrote down the number and asked if she could pass it on to me the next time I was in.

It was obvious that this number was a good thing. Kim noticed the smile on my face and asked if I was pleased.

“Damn right. She’s stunning!”

I wasted no time in ringing her and we spoke for about 30 minutes about various things. What I did, what she did. Music. TV. We arranged to meet that Friday. The conversation ended in a way I hadn’t even thought about. She asked something.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

It hadn’t occurred to me that my name hadn’t even been mentioned.

“Peter. Pete.”

“Thanks for ringing Pete. See you on Friday.”

Little did I know then how that one meeting would change my life.

Friday couldn’t come quick enough and when I saw her walk into the pub, 30 minutes late, my heart jumped. She was even more beautiful than I remembered. She wore tight jeans, a light jumper and a small leather jacket.

We just sat there for 4 hours, talking and laughing. The first time I kissed her I asked her permission. Silly I know but I still had a problem believing she wanted me.

I walked her home and she invited me in. We sat down and had a coffee and talked more. I planned on leaving soon after but she persuaded me to stay a little longer. As we kissed she rubbed my crotch. I went hard almost immediately. My belt was undone. Then the buttons on my jeans. She knelt on the floor between my legs and pulled my jeans and boxers down.

With one look, she took me into her mouth. Her hands moving up and down on me skillfully as she sucked. She was enjoying my enjoyment and I it wasn’t too long before I ended up cumming over her face. That was her choice.

We agreed to meet for lunch the next day and then I did leave. A smile on my face the whole way home.

I didn’t expect the night to end like that but I am so glad it did.

Part 9. Laura


Laura and I got together almost by accident. I had been seeing someone who seemed to keep messing me about, but I kept chasing. New Year’s Eve was the turning point.

Emma, the girl I had been seeing, and I had a row in the street about 2am. Once she had left, Laura said “You won’t let anyone else in will you!”. “No” was my instant and short reply.

We returned to the pub where the party was still going on and carried on the customary drinking to bring in the New Year. As it went on a gay friend of mine, Liz, told me that Laura had liked me for ages. As soon as she first saw me apparently which had been two years ago. This shocked me. I didn’t have a clue.

Laura was 5 years older than me. Short and curvy. Curvy was something I had never really been interested in before although I did think she was very attractive. We talked later that night and she freely admitted her feelings for me. Nothing happened that night nor did it for another 2 weeks.

I saw Emma again two days later and told her it was finished. I didn’t want to keep chasing someone that I felt was just playing a game.

It was after that, I asked Laura if she fancied meeting for a drink sometime. We both drank in the local pub so agreed we would go somewhere else away from prying eyes and mutual friends. I would pick her up 10 days later on a Friday when her son was with his dad.

The evening came and we had a great time. Laughing and joking with the odd flirty touch of a leg from both of us. I dropped her at home and she invited me in. I decided to drop the car at my house, which was only 2 minutes away, and returned with wine.

More laughing, but this time interspersed with hugs and kisses. I left 2 hours later and we both agreed we would have to do this again. Soon.

We met midweek and I took her for a meal. Again we went back to her place and this time I was staying the night. The hugs became more this time. The touches were more intimate and we were both very turned on. Even before we got anywhere near the bedroom, she had taken off all her clothes to reveal a beautiful basque that showed off her ample breasts perfectly. She looked amazing.

We headed upstairs and to the bedroom. Her leading and holding my hand as if to guide me.

We got to the bedroom and she stood there, back to me and slowly took down her skimpy underwear. She had a great arse. I couldn’t stop myself. I walked the couple of paces towards her and grabbed in my hands. A small shudder went through her and I kissed the back of her neck.

A small gasp escaped from her and I kissed again. Lingering a little longer, a bit firmer. My hands moved around her until I held her waist and pulled her in. My hard cock now pressing into her back. She pushed against me.

I turned her so she was facing the bed and eased her down onto it, her legs still on the floor. They parted and my hand found it’s way to her already wet opening. I could tell she was eager for penetration so I stopped. Instead I knelt down and pushed my face in. Moving her cheeks apart and gently licked her. With every stroke of my tongue, she moved her hips in such a way as to speed up the movement.

In. My tongue deep into her. As far as I could, using her arse to pull her even further onto my keen lips. Tongue darting. Sucking. Licking. She tasted great and I wanted more. I had her clit in my mouth and nibbled. Again, my tongue working hard, flicking across the sensitive tip. Then I spanked her.

The first time anyone had done that to her she told me later, and she loved it. I brought her to orgasm within a couple of minutes. She was very vocal.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. What are you doing to me?”

I said nothing and just kept going. Teasing her and using my fingers too now. One in. Then another. Her hands gripped the quilt. She kept pushing back further and further. She wanted as much of my fingers as she could get. Another orgasm quickly followed. More intense than the first. The pleasure this gave felt so good. My cock almost aching. I was so hard.

I couldn’t keep her waiting any more. I stood up and pushed myself against her.

The tip of my cock lightly touched her. She pushed back again and I moved away. I was in charge and she would have me when I was ready.

She stopped pushing and in one movement I thrust myself into her. She wasn’t expecting that.


From nothing, to everything buried deep into her. Every time. All the way out and hard back in. Pounding her. The waves of each thrust moving across her arse. I had her hips and pulled on them every time I went in. Her hands gripped the quilt even more and she started biting on it too. I had her exactly where I wanted her now.

I stopped. Only for a few seconds but it teased her enough.

“Fuck me. Just fuck me.”

I did as she asked and this time I wouldn’t stop. I just kept going and going. Trying to get every inch of me into her every time, as hard and as fast as I could. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head up.

When she came again, it was matched perfectly with me shooting into her. And still I kept pumping her.

Eventually I stopped. Let go of her hair and collapsed onto her. The sweat of my brow now on her back.

A couple minutes later we got into bed and drifted off to sleep. My prize for that was waking up to her taking me in her mouth. She took me as deep as she could and she wasn’t going to stop until she had swallowed me dry. It didn’t take long.

We lasted a couple of months until I met a woman who would change my life. Had it not been for her who knows how far Laura and I could have gone.

I haven’t seen her in a few years now but I am really good friends with her son. She celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary recently. She’s so happy with life. I’m sure if our paths do cross there will be a kiss on the cheek and an embrace but nothing more.

Part 8. Pauline


There have been many times in my adult life, where I have completely missed the signals a woman has conveyed. She liked me and I didn’t see it. Luckily that has changed more recently.

Pauline was the manageress of my local pub. Petite, pretty and a smile that just lit up her whole face, everytime. We had talked frequently and always got on. I had a brief fling with one of the barmaids there and Pauline had always told me to be careful of her. This was well founded advice as it turned out. She soon turned her attentions to another guy.

One night, after the bar had shut, I was left alone with her. As she locked up she asked if I had any other plans. I didn’t, so asked if she wanted to come back to my place. I had no reason, other than being friendly, to ask her.

We got to my flat and I put the kettle on. We sat for about 3 hours, talking, laughing and playing on the PS2 that I had. Nothing happened other than that and she left as untouched as when she arrived.

That was the last time she would do that.

The next night in the pub, she asked me on a date. Someone had seen us leave together and told the other barmaid. She wasn’t happy. Pauline decided to just bring it into the open.

Two days later was our first date. It was a nice evening so we went to a restaurant where we could sit by the river and eat. Relaxed. Laughing. Drinking. A perfect evening. It was about 10.30pm when we left and walked along the river. It was on the way to mine, but it added around two miles to the route I would normally take.

It was along here that we first kissed. I’m not sure what it was about that kiss, but I wanted her there and then. It wasn’t long before I had her. We were only a mile from my home.

Within 30 minutes she had her head in the pillow and her arse in the air. The neighbour upstairs told me the day after, that she realised I had company.

She was late for work the next morning, although it didn’t seem to matter to her.

We only lasted a couple of months but the sex in that time was amazing. She was certainly adventurous so the fact that we visited the local park after she had finished work wasn’t a surprise.

She always dressed well at work. Always looking sexy, but in a classy way. Her skirt may have been short, but not too short. Sometimes her top was see-through, but nothing was ever revealed.
Classy turned into slutty one night. A dark blue skirt, halfway up her thighs and a royal blue blouse. All topped off by the fact she was wearing 5″ heels so was our eyes were level with each other.

Part of the park runs along a canal, at night it’s very well secluded and dark. We walked along hand in hand saying nothing. She suddenly let go of my hand and walked on much more briskly.

“Where are you going?”

“You’ll see.”

The path turned a little so about 20m ahead and for a little while, she was out of site. As I followed she came into view again, 30m ahead of me. This classy looking woman had been left in the pub. She was sitting on a wall, legs up, panties on her ankles and her blouse undone. Leaning back on her hands.

“Fuck me now.”

My cock went instantly hard. I undid my fly as I walked towards her. Her right hand went between her legs. The silence of the area meant I could hear every sound she made. She was already wet.

No waiting. No foreplay. I thrust straight into her. Like an animal. Every stroke, full and hard. Trying to get deeper than was possible everytime. Every push greeted with an audible gasp from her.

I grabbed her bra and pulled at the cups. Her breasts popping free. Nipples erect. No hesitation. My mouth headed straight for one of them. To lick? To suck? No. To nibble. I took it in my teeth and pulled back my head. Her breast being raised as I did. My teeth loosened and her nipple scraped from my mouth.


I pulled her from the wall and turned her around, then bent her over. Pushing her down so she was flat on the wall with one hand, forcefully grabbing her arse cheeks. Slapping them. Anybody within 400m would have heard us, I’m sure.

I was relentless. Something was in me tonight that I felt like I could go for ages. Continually hammering her.

She came 3 times before I turned her back around pushed her down and released myself all over her face. She was a mess.

She wiped what she could from her face with her panties.

“Don’t dress. We’re not far away now. The look suits you.”

She obeyed. We got in and she went straight to the shower. When she entered the bedroom the signs of how rough we were, were clear to see.

Scrapes on her breasts from the wall. Dried blood in parts. Her backside covered in handprints and black marks from the grabbing. She didn’t complain. Good girl.

Her head was turned and she chose the other guy because she thought I would cheat on her.

They split after a few months. Ironically, cheated on her!